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Life's Second Chance Treatment Center
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At Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center we are here to provide high quality, compassionate care for those who seek treatment for opioid dependence. We strive to treat all our patients with respect, sensitivity and regard for their privacy.  We believe that recovery is not just about medication (Methadone) but is also driven by education, family involvement and counseling.  Our support groups offer individual as well as group counseling.  Program Description Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center opioid treatment program focuses exclusively on those patients with an addiction to opiates/opioids and attempts to help them break out of their self-destructive lifestyles. A major programmatic focus is towards an initial stabilization effort intended to halt the dysfunctional lifestyle of the person addicted to narcotics. Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center Philosophy We at Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center believe that treatment services should be delivered in a way that respects the dignity and self-worth of every patient and are relevant to the diversity of our patient population.  We believe that treatment and recovery are very personal experiences with distinct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that may differ significantly from patient to patient. Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center believe that each patient has a right to be fully and completely informed about the services we provide and our approach to treatment.  Most importantly, we believe that each patient brings unique life experiences to the treatment environment and plays a vital role in treatment planning, service delivery and discharge/transition planning.  Additionally, we are convinced that addiction is a family disease and is best treated within that context.  Therefore, we encourage and support, through fully informed patient consent, the involvement of family members and/or significant others in educational programs offered by the organization and in actual counseling sessions and treatment activities.  Finally, Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center recognize our moral and ethical responsibility to provide the highest quality treatment services that hold the greatest promise of successful outcomes for our patients.
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