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Treatment Center in Dalls Texas
Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center treatment services At Life’s second chance treatment Center, we are committed to treating patients with dignity and respect.  Specializing in opioid dependency treatment, all services provided by our outpatient clinic are individualized to most effectively meet the need of each patient. Services include Initial Assessment Physical Evaluation Orientation to Treatment and Patient Education Individualized Treatment Plan with regular updates on progress Methadone Maintenance Medically Supervised Withdrawal Methadone Detoxification Individual Counseling Group Counseling Case Management and Community Referrals Relapse Prevention and After Care Planning Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center admission criteria Each patient considering admission to the program must be; At least 18 years of age or older Opioids must be primary drug used Must meet the diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, America Psychiatric Association. Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center, provides services without regards to gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, culture, religion, or spiritual belief.  For each patient admitted for treatment, the admission process will document evidence of tolerance to an opioid and current  and current or past physiological dependence. Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center, also admits and provides services to women who are pregnant and has special policies pertaining to their treatment.
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