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The Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center’s opioid treatment program focuses exclusively on those patients with an addiction to opiates/opioids and attempts to help them achieve abstinence and experience recovery from opiate addiction. Our Mission at Life’s Second Chance Treatment Centre is to be a premier provider of medication-assisted treatment.  We believe in the disease concept of addictive illness and will treat our patients with dignity and respect in all phases of their treatment experience.  Because of this belief we will focus our clinical practise in terms of disease management and strive always to improve the quality of the lives of the patients we serve.  We will strive to institute current research findings in our delivery of services.  We will also be a resource to the communities we serve by helping to educate the public on the disease of addiction and advocate at all times the value of treatment in improving the welfare of our communities.  Our staff will at all times keep our Mission Statement as the guiding principal in their work. Life’s second chance Treatment Center subscribes to the definition of opiate or opioid addiction as consistent with that of other addictive disorders:  A pattern of pathological use marked by the physiological and psychological inability to abstain and impairment in social functioning, Emotional and psychological health and stability, Behavioural stability, Interpersonal relationships and occupational functioning.  Pathological use is often characterized by a myriad of problems or manifestations that include; increased incidences of: Hospitalization, Medical problems, Arrests and an increased involvement with the criminal justice system, Loss of friends or negative changes in family and interpersonal relationships, Inability to maintain employment, Increased financial problems, Acting out through anti-social behaviour. And at a more personal level: Loss of self-esteem, Self-confidence, Decreased sense of personal responsibility. 
Methadone has been in use in the United States for over 40 years.
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