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Facts about Methadone and how we use it You are being given a medication called methadone to prevent you from suffering any withdrawal symptoms from opiates/opioids.  Methadone will also eliminate craving for other opiates/opioids and establish a blockade effect against other opiates/opioids.  We will keep you on a constant dosage, established by the Medical Doctor. It is extremely important that you medicate daily to daily to maximize the effects of the medication. Methadone is an addictive drug and has all the cautions associated with other opiate drugs.  Withdrawal symptoms can occur if you fail to dose regularly. Initially, you may find that methadone may cause some minor side effects, such as dizziness, light-headedness, sleepiness or upset storage.  Most patients tolerate any initial discomfort well; the effects ordinarily are only temporary.  The only common longer-term side effects are constipation and excessive perspiration.  If these symptoms occur, inform the nurse, counsellor or Medical Director.  Dose adjustments can relieve these side effects.  If constipation continues, talk with the nurse, counsellor or Medical Director.  You may experience some difficulty urinating or may retain fluid.  You may experience a loss of interest in sex or have difficulty in becoming sexually aroused.  If this occurs, discuss it with the Medical Director.  Sometimes, does adjustment may be helpful.  If you experience a rashe or skin irritation, discuss it with the nurse or Mediacl Director.  Experience has shown these side effects to be short-lived and transitory. Myths about methadone Methadone gets into your bones… Methadone does not get into your bones or in any way cause harm to the skeletal system.  Although some patients report having body aches, the discomfort is probably a mild withdrawal symptom which may be eased through dose adjustment. Methadone damages your body… Patients have been taking methadone for more than 30 years and there is no evidence that long-term use causes any physical damage whatsoever.  Some patients do have side effects such as constipation, increased sweating and dry mouth but these usually go away over time. Methadone harms your liver… The liver breaks down and processes methadone but methadone does not harm the liver.  Patients with hepatitis or other liver diseases can take methadone safely. It’s harder to kick methadone than dope… Stopping methadone is different than other drugs.  Some find it harder because the withdrawal lasts longer due to the half-life of methadone.  Others say that although longer, it is milder than other drug withdrawal.